Essential JavaScript

What Next?

Congratulations on completing the N2JS Essential JavaScript course!

What will you do next with your new JavaScript skills? See if any of the suggestions below suit your interests.

Start a Project

We can learn many things from a programming course. Still, completing a project takes our learning to a whole new level.

If you have a project you want to complete, start researching how to make it happen.

I find the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) to be an excellent source of documentation and tutorials on many web-related subjects. If you're going to set out on your own, I suggest keeping this link handy.

Crush more Katas

If code katas got you this far, why not take them to the next level?

N2JS Essential JavaScript was designed to teach JavaScript from the very beginning through katas.

Now that you have these essential skills, why not use them to tackle greater challenges?

Both Code Wars and HackerRank offer an excellent variety of JavaScript katas. You're sure to find the level of challenge you're looking for:

Play a Game

We need to be engaged and interested in order to learn, and games are naturally engaging.

Why not practice your coding skills with a real-time multiplayer game?

Both Screeps and offer a unique game that you play against real people in real time by writing JavaScript code: