Essential JavaScript

JavaScript Intro

JavaScript is a programming language.

It started out as the scripting language used in browsers. Most pages you visit on the web are using JavaScript.

JavaScript has since grown to become extremely flexible. You can use JavaScript to write a web server. You can also use JavaScript to write scripts for your own computer. You can make games with JavaScript.

That's why I think it's the perfect place to start learning how to code.

The Goal Of This Site

It's common in the programming world to practice your skills on a kata, or a code challenge. However, most katas are not designed to make learning easy. They expect you to bring your own tools and background knowlege to solve the problem.

I don't expect any background here. Instead, we are going to start with the basics and work our way up. We will learn new skills in bite-size chunks, and you will have a chance to practice those skills freely before solving a kata. The goal of this site is to teach you JavaScript from the very beginning.

Once you feel comfortable with the self-check objectives below, move on to the next lesson.

Learning Goals