Essential JavaScript

Comparison Operators

JavaScript is able to compare two values. Try evaluating this expression in the editor:

1 === 2

The result is false, because 1 does not equal 2.

Try these expressions instead:

1 === 1
1 < 2

Both of the above expressions resolve to true, as 1 is equal to 1 and less than 2.


We can use these operators to compare values in JavaScript:

Operator Comparison
=== Strictly Equal
!== Not Strictly Equal
== Equal
!= Not Equal
> Greater Than
>= Greater Than or Equal To
< Less Than
<= Less Than or Equal To

"Equals" Gotcha

Be careful when typing the equals operators == and ===.

In math equations, we are used to representing "equals" with a single equals sign. In JavaScript, we will learn to use the single equals sign to set values. It has a completely different purpose.

We need to use the comparison operators listed above to compare values. If you try to use a single equals sign to compare values, your code won't work as expected and will probably throw an error.

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